’’Lider Arm is an establishment of Silva Arms.’’

Barcinlar ‘’Partnership in Commendam’’ was established in 1971 by Barcin brothers who used to sell spare parts and specific tools to the metal industry in the beginning and then they realized more reasonable to manufacture some parts in the house in a short span of time by bringing their first Lathe machine from Germany.

One of the brothers was a passionate hunter as well as fine mechanic and at that time was already repairing any malfunction by himself on his first single barrel shotgun which was inherited from his grandpa.

That skill gave him an idea to manufacture gun parts as trigger groups,back/rear sights and ribs while the gun culture was developing newly in those days in Turkey.

In the course of time only one brother has lied within manufacturing until he passed away but the others went on wholesale business in metal parts in different cities.

After years one of the son named Cenk Barcin of the brothers who was born,grown up and graduated from Mechnical Engineering in Izmir,decided to establish Silva Hunting company in Bulgaria in 2005 considering the country has advantages of its European Union membership.

In the beginning of 2010 Silva Arms turned back his family business by taking over some production workshops in gun business.

In 2015,Silva Arms has moved joint-venture with Lider Arms so that they made their dream come true to combine all their production work shops under high-tech equipped factory in Beysehir Organised Industrial Zone by walking up the stairs step by step.

Silva Arms Family will be happy to provide you with their well-designed and quality manner products.

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