What Is qualIty?

Every parts are measured in accordance with standarts.!

What is quality ?

Quality is the ability to respond to customer requests with the simplest definition. The definition indicates that the quality depends on the personal values.

In our opinion, quality is ; expressing the superiority and approaching the standardisation.

What is quality control?

Quality control refers to the ability to judge quality by taking precautions against situations that will reduce the quality efficiency of a process. The main objective of quality control is to develop and implement the plans for the production that the strategic objectives of the enterprises can be met at the most economical level.


Quality Management

In the most general sense, the achievement of targeted qualification in an organization is the whole of planned and systematic activities carried out with the aim.

With this understanding, we are supplied all kinds of raw materials and semi-finished products that we use in our facilities from domestic and foreign leading producer companies.

We require ourselves to have all the necessary certifications related to the quality of the products we produce while the producers are required to have management and standardization